Through her own journey to healthy living, Heather has tried, tested, and improved upon many of the current approaches to wellness. Heather is a 200-hour graduate of Boston Yoga School, a holistic health coach, and a licensed massage therapist with over 10 years experience. Drawing from a variety of styles including craniosacral therapy, sports massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, prenatal, and proprioceptive stretching, Heather is able to listen to her clients’ needs and tailor each session to the individual. She has worked in a range of settings from Spas and Chiropractic offices, to yoga studios and with clients varying from professional athletes and marathoners, expectant mothers, and people experiencing chronic and acute pain.

Heather understands the incredible benefits of body awareness and increased range of motion. As a therapist and teacher, Heather creates a safe and inviting space allowing her clients a balanced mind and body experience. Through her yoga teacher training, Heather was introduced to Nicole Clark, with whom she has studied closely, delving deeper into the intricacies of the human body, its physiological responses, and healing abilities. In 2014, Heather completed The Power of Touch mentorship with Nicole and continues to study under her and assist Nicole's mentorships and trainings, both in the Boston area and internationally.